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Princess Scavenger Hunt for Your Arizona Party

Creating an at-home scavenger hunt for a princess party can be a magical and memorable experience for children. Here's a detailed plan for a scavenger hunt that will delight the little Arizona princesses:


Welcome to the magical world of a princess scavenger hunt! Gather your little ones and let them embark on a journey filled with royal clues and enchanting treasures. This scavenger hunt will make your princess party unforgettable.

Materials Needed:

- Printable clues (see below)

- Small treasures or goodies (stickers, mini tiaras, candy, etc.)

- A grand prize (a small princess-themed toy or book)

- Envelopes or decorative containers for clues

- Optional: A princess performer from Pixie Dusted Party for the grand prize!


1. Print and cut out the clues.

2. Hide the treasures and clues around the house or backyard.

3. Place the grand prize at the final location.

The Scavenger Hunt:

Here's a step-by-step guide for the scavenger hunt with rhyming clues:

Clue 1:

"Welcome, princesses, to a land of delight,

Your first clue is hidden where you sleep at night."

*Hide this clue under a pillow.*

Clue 2:

"You've found the first clue, now let's have some fun,

Look where you find your shoes when the day is done."

*Hide this clue in a shoe rack or by the front door.*

Clue 3:

"You're doing so well, you're come halfway,

Find your next clue where you see yourself every day."

*Hide this clue on or near a mirror.*

Clue 4:

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Find your next clue where you cook for all."

*Hide this clue in the kitchen, perhaps near a pot or pan.*

Clue 5:

"Almost there, princess, you've been so clever,

Your your grand prize is hidden where you get your letters."

*Hide the prize in the mailbox or have the princess be waiting near by.*

Grand Prize Location:

"Congratulations, dear princess, you've reached the end,

Your treasure awaits where secrets blend.

You've done so well, so here's your prize,

A treasure fit for princesses, a royal surprise!"

Enhance the Magic:

For an extra touch of magic, consider booking a princess performer from Pixie Dusted Party. Our professional princess performers will add a sprinkle of enchantment, leading your party with grace and charm. Let your little ones meet their favorite princess and experience a truly royal adventure.

Contact Us:

To book a princess performer for your next party, visit . Make your princess party a fairy tale come true with Pixie Dusted Party!


Feel free to customize the clues and locations based on your home's layout and the interests of the children attending. Have a magical party!

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