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Pixie Dusted Party: Fun Indoor Activities for Kids This Arizona Summer

Welcome back to Pixie Dusted Party, where we sprinkle a little magic into everyday moments! While summer often means outdoor water adventures, sometimes the Arizona weather—or just a need for a change—calls for fun indoor activities. Here’s a sprinkle of pixie dust with creative and engaging indoor activities that will keep your little ones entertained all summer long!

1. DIY Indoor Obstacle Course

Transform your living room into an exciting obstacle course. Use cushions, blankets, chairs, and toys to create a challenging path. Encourage kids to jump, crawl, and balance their way through. Time each run and watch as they try to beat their own records!

What You'll Need:

- Cushions and pillows

- Blankets

- Chairs

- Toys (for obstacles)

Pixie Tip:

Add some fairy lights or glow sticks for a magical nighttime obstacle course!

2. Creative Craft Station

Set up a dedicated craft station with all the essentials for an afternoon of creativity. Stock up on colored paper, markers, glue, glitter, and other crafting materials. Choose a theme for the day, like making fairy wings, pirate hats, or animal masks.

What You'll Need:

- Glue and scissors (safety scissors for younger children)

- Glitter, stickers, and other embellishments

Pixie Tip:

Turn on some fun, upbeat music to keep the creative energy flowing!

3. Indoor Camping Adventure

Bring the fun of camping indoors by setting up a tent or making a fort with blankets and pillows. Have a picnic inside, tell stories, and even make s’mores in the oven or microwave. This cozy setup can make for a delightful day or even a magical sleepover.

What You'll Need:

- Blankets and pillows or a pop-up tent

- Picnic snacks

- Flashlights

Pixie Tip:

Use fairy lights inside the tent to add a touch of magic.

4. Baking Fun

Turn your kitchen into a bakery for the day. Choose simple recipes like cupcakes, cookies, or homemade pizza. Let the kids take charge of decorating their creations with sprinkles, icing, and edible glitter.

What You'll Need:

- Baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, etc.)

- Decorations (sprinkles, icing, edible glitter)

- Kid-friendly utensils

Pixie Tip:

Create a mini “bake-off” challenge with family members as judges for a fun twist!

5. Interactive Story Time

Create an interactive storytelling session where kids can dress up as characters from their favorite books. Read aloud and let them act out scenes, use props, and even make simple costumes. This is a great way to encourage a love for reading and dramatic play.

What You'll Need:

- Favorite storybooks

- Dress-up clothes and props

- DIY costumes

Pixie Tip:

Record the performance and create a keepsake video to cherish these magical moments!

6. Science Experiment Extravaganza

Bring out their inner scientists with fun and educational experiments. Simple projects like making slime, volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar, or rainbow in a jar are both exciting and educational.

What You'll Need:

- Slime ingredients (glue, contact solution, baking soda)

- Clear jars, oil, water, food coloring for rainbow in a jar

Pixie Tip:

Explain the science behind each experiment to add an educational twist to the fun.

7. Dance Party

Clear some space in your living room and turn up the music for a dance party! Create a playlist of their favorite songs, and let the kids dance their hearts out. You can even have a dance-off or create a fun dance routine together.

What You'll Need:

- A playlist of fun, upbeat songs

- A speaker

- Space to dance

Pixie Tip:

Add some disco lights or a homemade dance floor using colorful paper to set the stage!

8. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Plan an indoor scavenger hunt with clues leading to hidden treasures around the house. Create a map or a list of items to find, and watch as your kids embark on a thrilling adventure.

What You'll Need:

- Clues or a treasure map

- Hidden treasures (small toys, treats, or prizes)

Pixie Tip:

Use a theme for the scavenger hunt, like pirates or fairies, to add an extra layer of fun.


With a little creativity and some pixie dust, you can turn any summer day into an unforgettable adventure right at home. Which activity will you try first?

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