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How to Plan the Ultimate Taylor Swift-Themed Kids' Party

Updated: Oct 2, 2023


If your child is a Taylor Swift superfan, then there's no better way to celebrate their special day than by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed party! From her chart-topping songs to her signature style, there are plenty of elements you can incorporate to make the party a memorable one. In this blog, we'll guide you through the steps to plan a fantastic Taylor Swift party that will have your little Swiftie and their friends singing, dancing, and having a blast.

Step 1: Choose a Date, Time, and Venue

The first step in planning any party is to select a date and time that works for your child and their friends. Taylor Swift-themed parties can be held at home or in rented venues like community centers or outdoor spaces, depending on your budget and the number of guests. Make sure to send out invitations well in advance, and consider using Taylor Swift-themed invitations to set the tone.

Step 2: Taylor Swift Decorations

Decorations are key to creating the perfect Taylor Swift atmosphere. Make sure to add lots of sparkle!

Step 3: Taylor Swift-Inspired Activities

To keep the kids entertained and engaged, plan Taylor Swift-inspired activities like karaoke, dancing, and friendship bracelet making.

Pixie Dusted Party can help you every step of the way from a custom party planning PDF, to a party host that leads activities and keeps your guests engaged. You'll create a memorable event that your little Swiftie and their friends will treasure for years to come. So, shake it off, sing along, and let the party planning begin!

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