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Dive into Magic: How to Plan a Little Mermaid Party in Arizona

Arizona may be a desert, but that doesn’t mean you can't host an unforgettable under-the-sea adventure right in your backyard! With the help of Pixie Dusted Party, you can transform any venue into a vibrant underwater kingdom that will enchant mermaid enthusiasts of all ages. Here’s how to plan a magical Little Mermaid party:

Invitations: Set the Scene

Start the adventure with themed invitations. Opt for designs featuring Ariel, seashells, starfish, and ocean waves. Digital invitations are a fun and eco-friendly option, but a DIY touch with glitter and sequins can add extra sparkle to traditional paper invites.

Venue and Decorations: Create an Underwater World

Venue Selection

Choosing the right venue is crucial, especially in Arizona. An indoor space can provide a cool respite from the heat, but if you prefer an outdoor celebration, consider a shaded backyard or a community pool area.


Transform your space into an underwater paradise with these ideas:

- Color Scheme: Use ocean blues, sea greens, and splashes of purple and coral.

- Backdrop: Hang blue streamers and balloon garlands to mimic waves.

- Balloons: Create an oceanic atmosphere with clusters of blue, teal, and white balloons.

- Props: Scatter starfish, coral, and fish toys around the venue. An inflatable sea creature or a life-sized cardboard cutout of Ariel can make for great photo ops.

Entertainment: Bring the Magic with Pixie Dusted Party

No Little Mermaid party is complete without a visit from the little mermaid herself! Pixie Dusted Party offers professional performers who will bring the magic of the sea right to your party. Book here


While the mermaid is there, your guests can enjoy:

- Storytime: read tales from under the sea.

- Sing-Along: Enjoy a sing-along to favorite songs like "Part of Your World."

- Games: Participate in mermaid-themed games and activities.

-Makeovers: Glitter tattoos, face paint, nail painting and more!

- Photos: Capture magical memories with photos

Food and Drinks: Ocean-Inspired Treats


Create a menu that reflects the oceanic theme:

- Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters to make fish-shaped sandwiches.

- Seafood: Serve shrimp cocktails or fish sticks.

- Fruit: A platter arranged with watermelon, blueberries, and pineapple can mimic the colors of the sea.


- Mermaid Cupcakes: Decorate with blue frosting and edible pearls.

- Seashell Cookies: Use a shell-shaped cookie cutter and decorate with icing.

- Ocean Jell-O Cups: Layer blue Jell-O with gummy fish.


- Sea Water Punch: Make a blue punch with a mix of lemonade and blue raspberry Kool-Aid.

- Mermaid Smoothies: Blend tropical fruits for a refreshing treat.

Party Favors: Send Guests Home with a Splash

Thank your guests with themed party favors:

- Mermaid Tail Blankets: Cozy and fun for sleepovers.

- Seashell Necklaces: DIY kits or pre-made necklaces.

- Ocean Slime: A fun, gooey reminder of the underwater fun.

Final Touches

Ensure your party runs smoothly by planning ahead:

- Schedule: Plan a schedule that includes time for each activity.

- Helpers: Enlist friends or family to help with setup, hosting, and cleanup.

- Weather Plan: If you’re hosting outdoors, have a backup plan in case of extreme weather.

With these tips, your Little Mermaid party in Arizona will be an unforgettable splash! Don’t forget to book a performer through Pixie Dusted Party to make your celebration truly magical. Dive into the fun and create lasting memories for your little mermaids and mermen!

Princess Ariel Glendale Arizona Party Performer

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