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A Royal Adventure: Mother-Daughter Princess Bucket List for the New Year


As we step into the enchanting realm of a new year, what better way to celebrate the bond between a mother and her daughter than by embarking on a magical journey together? Create lasting memories and strengthen your connection with a Princess Bucket List tailored for the two of you. Let the adventures begin!

1. Fairy Tale Movie Marathon:

Start your year by cozying up with your little princess and indulging in a movie marathon featuring timeless classics like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. Don't forget the popcorn and cozy blankets for an extra touch of magic.

2. Princess Dress-Up Day:

Dust off those tiaras, gowns, and sparkly shoes hidden in the dress-up box. Spend a day playing dress-up, channeling your inner royalty. Bonus points for coordinating outfits and capturing the moments with a photo shoot fit for a queen.

3. Royal Tea Party:

Host a royal tea party complete with fancy tea cups, dainty sandwiches, and decadent pastries. Encourage your daughter to invite her favorite dolls or stuffed animals to join the regal affair. It's a delightful way to bond over sweet treats and imaginative conversation. Princess Tea Parties at The Spicery In Our 1895 Home

4. Visit a Castle or Palace:

Plan a day trip to a local castle or palace, immersing yourselves in the grandeur of regal architecture and beautiful gardens. Many historical sites offer guided tours that provide fascinating insights into the lives of real-life royalty.

5. Princess-themed Crafting Day:

Unleash your creative spirits with a day dedicated to princess-themed crafts. Create your own tiaras, magic wands, and even design personalized princess crowns. This hands-on activity is not only fun but also allows for some quality bonding time.

6. Enchanted Nature Walk:

Explore nature together in search of hidden treasures fit for a princess. Collect flowers, leaves, and other natural elements to create a beautiful and magical nature crown. This outdoor adventure is a refreshing way to connect with nature while embracing your inner princess.

7. Fairytale Reading Night:

Choose a collection of enchanting fairytales and spend an evening immersed in magical stories. Take turns reading to each other or create your own fairytales together. This bedtime ritual will become a cherished memory and a way to nurture a love for storytelling.

8. Princess-themed Baking Extravaganza:

Transform your kitchen into a royal bakery and whip up some delightful princess-themed treats. Crown-shaped cookies, castle cupcakes, and sparkling cake pops are just a few ideas to consider. The joy of baking together and savoring the delicious results is an experience fit for royalty.

9. Princess Ball Dance Party:

Clear some space in your living room and put on your favorite princess ball gowns. Create a playlist of enchanting songs and dance the night away. This magical dance party is a fantastic way to express yourselves, laugh, and revel in the joy of being together.

10. Dream Big:

End the year by encouraging your little princess to dream big and set goals for the future. Create a vision board together, filled with images and words that inspire her to reach for the stars. This empowering activity sets the stage for a year filled with growth, confidence, and the belief that every dream is within reach.


Embarking on a Princess Bucket List for the New Year is not just about indulging in whimsical activities; it's about creating precious moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. As you navigate the magical journey ahead, remember that the true magic lies in the love and connection shared between a mother and her daughter. May your year be filled with laughter, joy, and countless fairy-tale adventures!

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