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5 Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love and How to Make Them


Looking to make this Halloween special? DIY costumes add a personal touch and are easier than you think.

List of Costumes with DIY Guides

  • Little Witch/Wizard: Use a black graduation robe and add little foam star stickers. Craft a wand from a chop stick.

  • DIY Ghost: Emoji ghosts are the new classic sheet ghosts.

  • Barbie: Find your best pink outfit and add some sparkle. Remember, Barbie can be ANYTHING!

  • Ballerina: Use this No Sew Tutu Tutorial or an old dance costume

  • Dalmatian: Find an all white outfit and glue on black felt spots.

Safety Tips

Ensure costumes are trip-proof and breathable. Add reflective strips for nighttime visibility.


DIY Halloween costumes offer an opportunity to bond with your child while preparing for a fun-filled Halloween.

Want a magical costume but running out of time? Check out my Amazon list!

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